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Ciao Baby Cucina Italian Restaurants - Recruitment
At Ciao Baby Cucina we believe that as long as you put all of our energy into creating a flawless dining experience for your customers, in time you would be known for just that.

This ethos we like to carry onto our staff, with excellence and customer satisfaction being our main priority.

Our serious approach to training our staff and ensuring that we are only searching for individuals who can share in our passion for Italian food and impeccable service is what sets us apart from the rest.

We are looking for passionate, driven enthusiastic people who can join us in defining Italian Cuisine within a fast paced environment.

We employ people in the below positions. If any of these should become available, please submit your CV via the online application form.

Please click on the job title to view the full specification:

Head Chefs (Open for Application)
The role of head chef differs from one establishment to another, but here at Ciao baby Cucina we feel that a head chef must have excellent creative flair and the knowledge of managing a driven team of chefs with an emphasis on motivating them in a driven, fast–paced kitchen.

Commis Chefs (Open for Application)
Utility chef who is responsible to maintain the simple tasks, as per instruction from the sous chef, their role is to maintain their station and fulfil the need of the other chefs...

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