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Monte Casino Entertainment Center Ciao Baby Cucina

The perfect Italian meal does not just happen. It takes the choice of carefully selected ingredients – the pick of the freshest, sun-ripened fruits and vegetable crops, the most tender cuts of meat, the best of poultry and seafood and finest pasta. Then it takes skill, experience and in-depth knowledge of Italian culinary tradition – the correct blend of herbs and condiments – to produce the menu, of which we are proud, and in which you can be confident.

Our staff are passionate about the food and wine that they prepare and serve. They’re all dedicated to making your dining experience memorable with an array of mouth-watering delights.

At Ciao Baby Cucina the decor is modern, but unobtrusive, designed for your comfort, with strategic contrasts of classic Italian charm. The service is efficient, friendly and knowledgeable where the atmosphere is relaxed and informal.

The restaurant generally has two menus - a set menu that caters a full Ciao Baby experience; and a menu with its own variety of dishes - and specialises in homemade cakes, Italian delicacies, cheeses and pastas.

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